Missionary Questionnaire

We believe that the heartbeat of every church is missions - both local and international. The following questions are designed to help us get to know you and to know what you believe on these basic Bible doctrines.

Please take a few minutes to copy and answer these questions in an email, as well as attach any information that you would like us to have, and send it over. Once we have received and reviewed your information and questionnaire, our pastor may contact you so that you can come and present your burden.

Please send correspondence to mesabaptistoffice@gmail.com

Thank you for obeying God's great call and commission!

  • "Go ye into all the world"

    1.   What is the best phone number and address to reach you at?

    2.   Are you married?

    3.   Do you have any children? How many?

    4.   What is the name of your pastor?

    5.   What is the name and address of your sending church?

    6.   Are you being sent through a mission board/agency?

    7.   When where you saved?

    8.   Where where you baptized?

    9.   Where did you receive your training?

    10.  What is your position concerning the "King James Controversy?"

    11.  What is your position concerning Sovereign Grace and Salvation?

    12.  How many "points" of T-U-L-I-P do you hold?

    13.  What is your position concerning repentance?

    14.  Explain what one must do in order to become born-again?

    15.  What is your position concerning the nature of the church?

    16.  When did the church begin?

    17.  What is your position concerning "the Body of Christ?"

    18.  What is your position concerning "the Bride of Christ?"

    19.  What authority do you believe a church has in regards to missions?

    20.  What do you believe "missions" to be?

    21.  What authority do you believe that Missions Boards/Agency have in missions?

    22. Under what circumstances would you speak in or accept support from a non-Baptist organization or church

           that is not in agreement with your personal statement of faith?

    23.  What are the requirements for Scriptural baptism?

    24.  What is your position concerning the "alien immersion" controversy?

    25. Who do you feel may participate in the Lord's Supper?

    26. What do you believe about the use of alcoholic wine at the Lord's table?

    27.  What is your position concerning "the Rapture?" - IE. When will it occur in relation to the tribulation?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Please email your response to mesabaptistoffice@gmail.com.